22-25 July 2021 Jodrell Bank Observatory

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Watch highlights of John Grant from bluedot 2019

Enjoy ‘Pale Green Ghost’ and ‘Grey Tickles, Black Pressure’ from his set live from bluedot 2019, ben…

Alt-J’s classic bluedot headline set from 2017

We welcomed alt-J to close bluedot 2017 with a spellbinding performance and an insane, intergal…

Unkle – Live at bluedot 2018

An extraordinary headline appearance from James Lavelle and co. Watch it back in full now.

bluedoc: Iluminos Telescope Projections

We celebrate 50 years to the day since the Moon Landing at bluedot 2019. We’ve invited telescope pro…

Interview: New Order – Bernard Sumner

New order vocalist and found member of Joy Division Bernard Sumner joins us for a backstage intervie…

808 State – Pacific State

808 State perform their iconic track ‘Pacific State’ at bluedot 2019.

Jarvis Cocker: His n Hers / Running The World

Jarvis Cocker takes to the Lovell stage at bluedot 2019 for an incredible performance under the icon…

Chris Lintott: Weird Worlds

Discover how you can help find planets around other stars in the night sky with BBC Sky At Night’s C…

Monica Grady: 1969 And All That

Professor of Planetary and Space Sciences, Monica Grady, explores the numerous iconic events wh…

Katherine Joy: The Science of the Moon

Katherine Joy explored how our knowledge from space missions and laboratory…

Alice Gorman: Dr Space Junk

Alice Gorman, aka Dr Space Junk, reveals that space is not as empty as we may think in her captivati…

Sarah Bridle: Food and Climate Change

Discover the main ways food contributes to our climate crisis and how food could be different in the…

Rachael Ainsworth: The Violent Birth of Stars

Discover observations of newborn stars from next generation radio telescopes with Rachael Ainsworth.…

‘MegaStructure’ by Marcus Lyall

Drawing inspiration from this hypothesized alien architecture, Marcus Lyall’s new work – MegaS…

‘Hidden In Plain Sight’ by Addie Wagenknecht

Discover the process and inspiration behind Addie Wagenknecht’s ‘Hidden In Plain Sight’ telesco…

bluedoc: Daito Manabe – COSMOS Residency [Part 1]

Renowned Japanese artist Daito Manabe delivered a unique projection-mapped artwork at bluedot 2017.…

bluedoc: Daito Manabe – COSMOS Residency [Part 2]

In 2017, our intergalactic festival of discovery saw renowned Japanese artist Daito Manabe deliver a…

bluedoc: Brian Eno Telescope Installation

The legendary British music pioneer developed a new piece of work, specifically for bluedot 2016, in…


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