Noise management at bluedot is taken very seriously and we employ expert acoustic consultants, Three Spires Acoustics, to provide event noise control and management throughout the festival. 

This comprises of working closely with sound system suppliers to design sound systems which reduce noise spillage from the event into neighbouring community areas and the use of noise modelling techniques to assist with this process,  well in advance of the show going live.

We have a Premises Licence which is issued by Cheshire East Council and this stipulates maximum noise levels which must not be exceeded, at representative noise sensitive community locations around the festival site and wider areas. The limits are based on national guidance which have been applied successfully at thousands of festivals around the UK.  At the end of the festival a compliance report is provided to the council detailing all noise measurements. Three Spires work closely with council officers and will undertake spot checks and joint visits to local community areas as required. 

State of the art equipment is used to monitor noise from a central control location on the site, while other locations are visited on a rotational basis and in response to any resident requests.

Internal music sound is monitored on all the primary stages and networked to the central control point, allowing instant access and control of onsite sound levels should this be required.  

We strive to ensure a balance between limiting music noise disturbance whilst allowing the festival to operate for the enjoyment of the thousands of attendees, many of which are from the local areas. We are confident that the noise management controls in place will achieve this balance.  


There is a dedicated resident hotline phone number 0161 806 1615 for residents to register a concern with respect to noise. The hotline will be attended by event management staff for the duration of the event. 

Please note, the planned sound checks are very loud and do not represent the level of noise you may experience during the event. They are purposefully very loud so we can simultaneously use live acoustic measurements and previous measurements to minimise sound disruption to local residents during the event. 

Planned sound checks

· Wednesday 19th July: 17:00 – 20:00 – System checks 

· Thursday 20th July: 12:00 – 14:00 – Artist and system checks sound check; 14:00 – 16:00 – Site wide noise propagation test

· Friday 21st July – Sunday 23rd July: Artist sound checks