Experience bluedot for free by becoming a volunteer. In exchange for your time, you will get access to the VIP area so you can enjoy the festival in style when you are not volunteering. If you’d like to stay for the whole weekend you’ll also have a spot in either the general admission or staff campsite along with a free parking space. You will also receive a free meal voucher for each shift that can be redeemed at one of our wonderful food traders.

All you need to do is complete this simple application form and volunteer on two days across the festival (maximum of 16 hours in total). 

We are also operating a refer a friend scheme – for every friend or family member you recommend that volunteers with us you will receive a free food or drink voucher to say thank you! 


What are the roles?

Accessible Camping

We have a dedicated team of volunteers that help our Access crew to ensure that everyone visiting Bluedot has a fabulous time, regardless of any disabilities or difficulties they face. You may be helping out in the campsite or catching up with festival-goers to see how we can improve accessibility around the site.

Gates Scanning and Wristbanding
Volunteering as a ticket scanner or wristbander means you get to be the first face the festivalgoers see! You share in the joy of everyone arriving onto site and making it all happen.

Luminarium Customer Service Assistants
Our Luminarium stewards have an experience like no other. The Luminarium is a huge inflatable structure that you can walk around inside. As music plays and natural light streams in through multicolored panels you’ll get to enjoy this surreal experience and the entertaining looks on everyone’s faces as they explore it too!
The Luminarium is only open during the day so it’s often in high demand. In this role you would be helping to ensure that everyone gets a chance to enjoy this unusual installation and that both the structure and its guests are looked after!

Our wayfinding stewards do just that! Help our festivalgoers find their way as they explore the beautiful sights and sounds of the event. A nice role for those of you who like to chat and help out where possible.

Our campsite volunteers assist in a lot of ways! Sometimes it’s helping our festivalgoers to find a camping spot, helping to find their way to different areas or helping them out with suggestions of who to see that night. Whatever happens, our campsite volunteers are our eyes and ears on the ground, helping us to keep everything running smoothly.

Arboretum & Outer Space Late Night Arts Area
The Arboretum is one of the most arty places on site! Filled with all sorts of interesting installations, this role is perfect for those of you that enjoy seeing all the sights and sounds on offer; musical experiences, artistic offerings, projections and lit up displays!
If you want to hang out by the earth and enjoy watching as people discover all that this magical area has to offer then this is the area for you!

Info Point
Our info point volunteers are there to help. Directing festivalgoers to see the incredible content that Bluedot has to offer, helping them find what they’re looking for onsite and just generally being an all-around superstar when someone comes with a question or issue!

How many hours do I need to volunteer for?

We would like our volunteers to work around 16 hours across the weekend, usually consisting of two shifts. You would also be invited to a volunteer briefing on the Wednesday evening prior to the festival – however don’t worry if you are not available for this as we will make sure you get a full update before you start your shifts  

Can I stay onsite and where can I park?

You will have access to a camping spot so you are very welcome to stay for the whole weekend. You will also be able to park for free on site.

Why do I need to pay a deposit?

Due to the volume of volunteers and the free wristbands we offer we need to ensure that our volunteers are able to commit to the allocated roles. We therefore request a fully refundable deposit of £50 to reserve your place. We do not want the deposit to be a barrier to you volunteering with us, so if there is an issue please do contact us at volunteer@discoverthebluedot.com so we can discuss making alternative arrangements.

What if I am unwell and can’t attend the festival?

We are able to return your deposit on receipt of a valid doctor’s note to confirm your absence.

Is there an age limit for volunteers?

For insurance reasons we do require a minimum age of 18, there is no maximum, and our volunteers come in a range of ages!