Aaliyah Esprit

Aaliyah Esprit has had an incredible 12 months. Originally from Nottingham, she has since planted foundations in both Bristol and Manchester; splitting her time between both cities. In 2017, she put together a full live band with which she supported Denai Moore.

Also, now an integral part of the Cosmic Soul Collective, Aaliyah has just been announced as a pupil of the highly sought- after Future Bubblers programme created by Gilles Peterson and the Brownswood label.

2018 has seen jazz infiltrate all forms of music, Aaliyah is a student of the current resurgence. Her sultry R&B tinged vocals are as much at home on an electronic backdrop as they are a more jazz based output. Fusing an R&B sound with soul and trap, Aaliyah conveys a raw emotion with her voice that sets her up for a huge 2018.

With the likes of Ruth Kilpatrick (PRS For Music) describing Aaliyah as an “exciting prospect for 2018 and beyond” along with a succession of support shows with artists such as Denai Moore, Ash Walker and Xamvolo… Aaliyah is already displaying her potential of becoming a prominent solo artist in the UK music industry.

Roots Saturday 2018

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