Alexandra Loske: Art, Science and Culture of the Moon

Dr Alexandra Loske is an art historian, curator and editor with a particular interest in late eighteenth and early nineteenth century European art and architecture. She was born and grew up in Germany, came to England in 1997 and has been working at the University of Sussex since 1999. She is the managing editor of the Frogmore Press, which was founded in 1983 and publishes the literary journal The Frogmore Papers and other collections. She is currently working on a substantial book on the history of colour systems in art and print culture Colour – A Visual History (publication date Spring 2019, Octopus/Tate/Smithsonian Institute/Prestel) and has recently published a book on the Moon in art, science and culture (co-authored with astronomer Dr Robert Massey), as well as a guide book on Brighton, Lewes and surroundings.

Alexandra obtained an M.A. in Linguistics and English Literature from Humboldt University Berlin in 1997 and ten years later added an M.A. in Art History from the University of Sussex. She then secured an AHRC funded D.Phil scholarship. Her research was based at the Royal Pavilion, Brighton. Alexandra received her PhD in July 2014.

Talk: Moon: The Art, Science and Culture of the Moon

A source of light in the dark of night and our ever-changing cosmic companion, the Moon has fascinated humankind since we first gazed into the sky.

In this extensively illustrated and illuminating volume, art historian Alexandra Loske and astronomer Robert Massey present a rich and curious history. From its violent birth through to the exhilarating story of the Space Race and current exploration efforts, discover the many faces of the Moon and how they have shaped humanity’s existence.

Dot Talks, Star Pavilion Sunday 2019

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