“coding as improvisation and experiment, [in] a dark room with bass-heavy speakers” – The Wire magazine

“redefining what it means to create music with a laptop” – Mixmag

“these are not pristine algorithms, they’re built live, for a crowd” – Wired magazine

An Algorave is a party where electronic music is made live with algorithms. The word was coined around 2012, initially as a kind of joke, but has since taken hold with Algoraves taking place in 80+ cities around the world. Musical algorithmic processes are opened up by projecting the code on screens in the venue, so ravers can see how the music they hear is being made, complemented by algorithmically generated visuals.

The Algorave takeover at Bluedot 2018 will showcase a diverse line-up of live coding musicians and visual artists, including:

TYPE – Working collaboratively in a shared text buffer, algorithmic trio TYPE (The Yorkshire Programming Ensemble) jump between writing code and reworking the code the others have left behind. By making and unmaking each other’s code TYPE work both together and against each other in the exploration of sound and rhythms. TYPE is a collection of humans known as Lucy Cheesman, Laurie Johnson, and Ryan Kirkbride, who meet IRL and URL to enjoy exploring rhythmic music in a collaborative virtual space and generally making noise.

The Yorkshire Programming Ensemble

Class Compliant Audio Interfaces (CCAI) – Sheffield-based hybrid live code techno duo from duo Sam Schorb and Alex McLean. Sam is renowned producer of bass music under the Damu moniker, with releases on Keysound, and Alex is Algorave veteran releasing broken algorithmic techno on the Computer Club label as Yaxu. Together they work code next to drum machines and analogue gear, pushing at the edges of otherwise thoroughly predictable techno.

ALGOBABEZ – ALGOBABEZ are the granddaughters of the witches they couldn’t burn, shaping quantised noise into techno. They’re formed of algo-regulars Shelly Knotts ( and Joanne Armitage ( Better together, but OK apart: 2 babes, 2 laptops and 1 sound.

Digital Selves – digital selves is a London based artist who uses live coded algorithms of computer synthesis and found sounds to create a fusion of melodic lo-fi and industrial techno and explores the realm in-between.

Innocent – Innocent (which is his real name) is a live coder based in Yorkshire. Fairly new to the scene, he brings a fusion of modern melodic synths with rhythmic dance beats in live environment. His aim is to make you dance, or at least, nod and sway energetically!

Matt Lee – Matthew Lee is a live visual artist & video designer currently working in Manchester whilst developing his own research methods in technological and human interaction within spatial environments.  He holds a visuals residency at the Warehouse Project Manchester whilst doing a regular tour of the UK music festival scene with the Logan&Wilcox artist collective.

Coral – Coral Manton is an interdisciplinary artist and technologist, part of the i-DAT Research and Design Collective. She specialises in immersive technologies, AI Activism and develops methods for visualisation in game engines. Coral performs regularly at Algoraves across the UK – she recently organised an Algorave in disused police cells under the streets of Bristol.

Dan Hett – Dan is digital artist, livecoder and experimental visualist from Manchester. Dan uses a combination of live coding, video mixing, broken GIFs and glitchy live inputs to create completely improvised and unpredictable audio-driven visuals. Whether it’s a for basement show or a festival headliner, Dan’s break-neck improvised eye candy is always created completely on the fly, resulting in highly unpredictable visual art that surprises even him sometimes.

Leon Trimble (Chromatouch) – Leon Trimble is a digital artist who works in audio visual performance. He has built a 360 degree projection dome with surround speaker array and runs it as a venue at English summer festivals with an exciting programme of music and visual artists. He likes connecting his modular synth to different things like Astrophysics equipment and lasers. Livecoding lets him interface with the modular paradigm in a divergent way.

Mission Control Sunday 2018

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