Algorave is a relatively new movement that has grown up around algorithmic dance music – that is, music generated live from computer code. It started around 2012, and has now spread around the world, reaching 14 countries so far.

Algorave artists generally “live code”, writing and taking apart their algorithms
while their computer runs them, so the live development of their algorithmic patterns and sounds creates the structure of their music.

Belisha Beacon uses the coding language ixi lang to programme her beats. She explores the limitations of this highly accessible livecoding environment with what has been described as ‘polyrhythmic techno’. An academic by day, Dorien Schampaert teaches popular and electronic music in the University of Leeds School of Music and is working on a PhD on the Ondes Martenot.

Yaxu is the solo project of Alex McLean, co-founder of the Algorave and the TOPLAP live coding movements, who has performed algorithmic dance music widely since the year 2000 in several collaborations including Slub with Dave Griffiths and Adrian Ward [] and Canute with Yeeking (Rephlex) []d on tracks. However recently he has started producing, leading to the six track Peak Cut EP on Sheffield label Computer Club. Alex is currently sound artist in residence at the Open Data Institute, and is also working on his first solo album Spicule, also to be released on Computer Club in autumn 2016.

Polinski (Paul Wolinski)’s time is mostly taken up with being one quarter of the noisy instrumental band 65daysofstatic, who are playing at bluedot on Sunday night. He is here with a rare solo show, live coded with the TidalCycles environment, giving hints at where he is going with his PhD research, exploring new forms for composition beyond the traditional disciplines of live performance and albums.

Rituals (Dan Hett) is digital artist, livecoder and experimental visualist from Manchester. Dan uses a combination of live coding, video mixing, broken GIFs and glitchy live inputs to create completely improvised and unpredictable audio-reactive visuals. Whether it’s a for basement show or a festival headliner, Dan’s improvised visuals are always created completely on the fly, resulting in highly unpredictable visual art that surprises even him sometimes.

ALGOBABEZ is formed of algo-regulars Shelly Knotts ( ) and Joanne Armitage ( Together they use SuperCollider to control patterns of wonky, noisy, thumping and danceable music. Better together, but OK apart: 2 babes, 2 laptops and 1 sound.

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