Ana Matronic

Ana Matronic has made a profession out of sound tracking the good times in life. Whether onstage as a member of pop phenomenon Scissor Sisters or on air as Radio 2’s Doyenne of the Disco. Matronic has made a name for herself by not only being able to curate an eclectic musical journey, but by also putting words to the experience, bringing the audience into the music and bridging the gap between performer and listener. 

Since 2014 Ana’s love and knowledge of music has been put to work at BBC Radio 2 where she began by producing and presenting a series on the history of disco and filling in for beloved regulars Jo Whiley, Huey Morgan and Claudia Winkleman. Matronic became a permanent part of the radio 2 roster in 2017 with her own show Disco Devotion, now Dance Devotion, Radio 2’s first ever show dedicated to dance music culture.  

Ana is also an expert on Science Fiction and author of the nook ‘Robot Takeover: 100 Iconic Robots of Myth, Popular Culture and Real Life’. Ana regularly talks about Artificial Intelligence, Tanshumanism and the future and was a featured speaker for the recent Tedx event at Stormont in Northern Ireland. 

The Future Then is a series of conversations on three subjects inspired by the 50th anniversary of Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey, hosted by Ana Matronic.

Star Pavilion Friday 2018

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