Apollo View

Apollo View’s distinctive sound is a natural conclusion to the duo growing up together with Tape Packs, Bomber Jackets, Pirate Radio and loitering in Drum & Bass record shops through their formative years. They spent every night and weekend together relentlessly honing their DJ skills, and secured their first gigs at the age of 15. The lifelong friends have previously worked on projects independent of each other and this is the first time they are uniting to rewind the clock two decades to those pioneering days.

The outcome is the sum of their life experiences, many influences, inspirations and ideas. Through fusing techno and house they are injecting new life into classic Hardcore and Drum & Bass producing a sound they’ve been excited by for sometime and are now ready to share. The excitement, expression, experimentation and ease with which the pair vibrate together in the studio manifests itself on each record. Their chugging mid-to-low tempo, chest ripping bass bin workouts of classic records will be shuddering through dance floors across the world in 2017 and have already gained support from Soho Radio London & KCRW in LA. They’ve only just scratched the surface with this project and look forward to bring you their own truly original productions soon

Orbit Friday 2017

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