Archaeology of Space

This year Guerilla Archaeology examines the Archaeology of Space.

We have always looked to the skies. Traces of our obsession are visible in the structures we build, the images we make and our attempts to understand just what’s out there.
Join us in considering all aspects of space and time as we voyage across the centuries, across the globe and out to the galaxies to understand our interstellar ambitions. From the archaeology of space exploration, to xenoarchaeology (the archaeology of extraterrestrial civilisations in SciFi), to the use of space technologies in understanding ancient structures. Come create time capsules, explore satellite surveys, sky observations and lunar landing archaeology.

And, whilst you’re here, just what evidence is there for alien interventions? From tales of ancient aliens introducing technologies, to extraordinary humans creating the Pyramids as communication devices and ancient giants who ruled America – just what do archaeologists really think? The truth is in here.

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