Art-Science Panel: COLLIDE

Art and science have been described as the “twin engines of creativity”, however, they are often considered to be isolated endeavours. As the realms of art and science increasingly collide, the world’s most innovative artists are utilising insights from astrophysics, microbiology, information technology and robotics. From space-inspired theatrical performance right through to virtual worlds and digital installations, this growing strand of contemporary art has ushered in a new era of creative collaboration that has blurred the distinction between art and science.

Join the COLLIDE panel to explore how Bluedot’s own artists have worked with insights from science and technology, while exploring the broader issue of what art can gain from science, and visa versa.

Collide is supported by Arts Council England in association with Bluedot Arts.

Panel members are: Dr Roxy Robinson (Creative Producer, Bluedot festival), Jon Spooner (Artistic Director, Unlimited Theatre), Liam Naughton (Artistic Director, Kazimier and the Invisible Wind Factory) Hondartza Fraga (Independent artist), Dr Katherine Joy (Scientist and Senior Lecturer)

Star Pavilion Friday 2017

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