Arts & Science at Bluedot (Panel)

Now in its third year, Bluedot is establishing itself as a forum for art, science, and everything in between. Encouraging cooperation between artists and scientists , Bluedot is proud to be hosting another programme of science and exploration-inspired artworks. From Dr Kronovator’s Fire Laboratory by Emergency Exit Arts, a steampunk reimagining of scientific experiments, through to Earth by Luke Jerram, inspired by an astronaut’s view of Earth from space, a host of artworks can be found across the site and throughout the weekend. 
Bluedot is also presenting a range of projection artworks which utilise the Lovell Telescope as a unique canvass for spectacular projection mapping. The Arts & Science at Bluedot panel will be focusing on the processes, challenges and rewards of creating projection mapping artworks with the Lovell Telescope. 
Bluedot is proud to be hosting two projection mapping artworks this year: MegaStructure by Marcus Lyall, a member of the Chemical Brother’s creative team, and Addie Wagenknecht’s second edition of COSMOS, an art-scienceresidency at Jodrell Bank in partnership with Abandon Normal Devices. 
Lead artists, as well as key scientists and technicians, will be discussing the processes involved in bringing together these awe-inspiring artworks.

Chair: Teresa Anderson 

Panellists: Pod Bluman (Bluman), Ruth McCullough (Abandon Normal Devices), Marcus Lyall, Addie  Wagenknecht (Deep Lab) 

Private: Contact Friday 2018

Recommended Artists