Barnaby Sykes – Piemaker

Barnaby Sykes – Pie Maker is the pie shop that moves, great quality pies made with great ingredients, freshly baked, mouth-watering and tasty.

The Legend of Barnaby Sykes:

Born into a farm labourer’s family around 1800, he worked on the land by day and poached game and livestock by night. His skill in ‘borrowing’ local ingredients and turning them into mouth-watering pies became local legend.

The lovable rogue evaded the village stocks for years. However during a succession of failed harvests he turned to supplying pies with poached contents to the poor and hungry.

Land-owners became fed-up and Barnaby Sykes became a wanted man. Records state he was hung but some say he was murdered, no two accounts are the same but of all the tales, one truth remains:

‘While gentry and peasants never see eye to eye.There is one fact they can never deny:
That the legendary Barnaby Sykes made
one hell of a tasty pie.’

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