Beyond Our Planet

Launched earlier this year on Netflix, the Our Planet TV series showcases some of the world’s rarest wildlife and most precious habitats, and the threats they face, accompanied by stunning footage and the inimitable narration of Sir David Attenborough. In the making of the series, producers captured a story that will forever live in documentary history – large numbers of walruses desperate to find space to rest but with no sea ice left for them to retire to, they climb over one another and hundreds of feet up a cliff side. The sequence provoked a global conversation on climate change – join a panel of scientists, activists and creatives to discuss what we need to do next

We’re thrilled to welcome Our Planet ‘Frozen Worlds’ Episode Producer Sophie Lanfear; Radio and TV Presenter and climate activist Cel Spelman alongside WWF climate and movement building specialists for this panel discussion to share how climate change is impacting nature across the world, their stories from the movement– and most importantly explain why it’s more crucial than ever for everyone to call for a solution.

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