Black Futures

Unconventional and brilliant, when Black Futures (the duo of Space and Vibes) finally inked their deal – with the legendary Music For Nations label – they did so literally; tattooing themselves and others with the band’s logo in the boardroom of Sony Music, surrounded by their tribe of hazmat-wearing devotees. That logo, and slogan, Never Not Nothing, “means absolutely nothing but absolutely everything at the same time,” says Space. “It’s all encompassing”; “Infinite nothingness,” Vibes adds.

And now, Black Futures’ are preparing to eject their debut album Never Not Nothing, a further insight to their vision of a crumbling world, inhabited by a cast of random reprobates and shot through with a sardonic British humour. It features new single ‘Tunnel Vision’ and is a devasting collection of monumental, maximalist and magnificent music, laser-honed to conquer what’s left of the world. Black Futures. Better get used to it.

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