Cambio Sun

Born out of the childhood friendship between composer Charlie Tait and percussionist John Cleworth, Cambio Sun is one of Australia-via-London’s most revered exciting young duos, set to release their debut album Animal Sense this year. Beginning as Tait’s brainchild from the confines of his home, the twenty-year-old put his first composition ‘Intuition’ out in 2013, creating a small storm on Majestic Casual and gaining over 400k plays. While still at school, Tait followed up the online success of Intuition with six-track experimental EP Retisent, a glitchy falsetto take on alternative electronic soundscapes, drawing comparisons to Shlohmo, Ben Khan, Bon Iver and Four Tet, with stunning track ‘Mas As they Come’ picking up over 410k Soundcloud streams.

Moving away from home producer in Sydney to refining the live sound in London, Animal Sense is the culmination of six months work collaborating with Cleworth. With the sensibilities from Tait’s first solo EP allowed to mature, you can see what time, and percussive skill has brought to Cambio Sun with a deep texture and post-rock influence. Playing live together back home for instrumental side project Lusinth, with illustrious soundtrack worthy ‘Blue’ gaining praise, Tait and Cleworth are now ready to share the much anticipated live sound of Cambio Sun, with many shows already booked across the country.

Roots 2016

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