Circle Sky

Circle Sky is a new electronic project featuring Richard Norris and Martin Dubka. Richard and Martin have both had successful careers in music. Richard was half of the electronic duo The Grid with Soft Cell’s Dave Ball, an act who had ten consecutive singles in the UK Top 75, including the million-selling ‘Swamp Thing’. More recently he’s worked with Erol Alkan on their ongoing Beyond The Wizard’s Sleeve project.

Martin was a member of Kitsune-signed band Cazals, who toured internationally with Daft Punk. He has also produced a number of acts including Ali Love, and has performed live solo electronic shows as Dubka. The duo met when Martin played a live set at Richard’s Throne of Blood night at London’s Ace Hotel. Richard was impressed by Martin’s ability to improvise live dance music. “It was a revelation,” he says. “I’d never seen anyone create such high quality, dance floor ready tracks, in real time, starting from scratch. A lot of people are using Eurorack and other analogue systems, but very few have the ability to make such great, instantly crowd pleasing electronic music.”

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