Coby Sey is a musician, producer and DJ from South East London who offers a shifting, disorienting vision of club music.

Coby Sey’s distinguished presence in London has elicited a bold impression of his compositions and performances, to much the attention of acclaimed artists and collaborators Tirzah, Mica Levi, Kwes, Babyfather, Kelly Lee Owens and Klein.

Sey’s music – as best evidenced on ‘Whities 010: Transport for Lewisham’ and ‘River’ – is reflective of his vast spectrum of influences, yet he remains undeniably uniquely himself; experimenting with live instrumentation and electronic-based productions, melding sounds with introspective lyrics into a dubbed-out anaesthesia. Live, these dreamlike compositions are imbued with a heavy, uneasy dancefloor energy, often abetted by live vocals as well as saxophone interjections c/o regular cohorts Ben Vince and CJ Calderwood.

‘Blunted and oblique but riddled with direct, gritty grooves, Whities 010 reveals Coby as an artist who dares to not so much go against the grain, but traverse it in his own way in search of a sound he can call his own’ — Boomkat

Coby’s open-door approach to sharing and making music stretches to his work with London collective CURL, founded with Mica Levi and Brother May, who release records and host events with a collaborative, improvisatory approach, as well as a regular slot on NTS which offers a portal into his appealingly murky musical world.

‘…a grubby forage through pitched-down post-punk’ — Resident Advisor

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