Cold-Blooded Conservation

Dr Leah Williams has been working in animal behaviour and conservation research for 15 years and is currently a Conservation Scientist focusing on Animal Behaviour and Welfare at Chester Zoo. Leah works mainly with birds, reptiles and amphibians and runs a number of different research projects aimed to optimise conservation breeding, animal health and wellbeing at the zoo. Leah supervises students at undergraduate, Masters and PhD level who are undertaking research with a focus on animal behaviour. She also delivers lectures and training for a number of different universities and organisations on animal behaviour and welfare in zoos.

Talk: Cold-Blooded Conservation

Chester Zoo’s behavioural scientists, vets and herpetology specialists together champion research projects to prevent the extinction of some of Earth’s most threatened reptiles and amphibians. Hear first-hand stories of science, technology and pioneering animal behaviour study from one of the experts leading the charge.

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