For bluedot 2017, the iconic structure of the Lovell Telescope becomes a unique and unparalleled canvas for COSMOS, a new artists commission launching at this year’s festival. Art and science connect in this ambitious production, which will give audiences and artists a new perspective on Jodrell Bank’s research into deep space.

During bluedot festival, the dish will be pointed directly upwards into space, receiving radio signals as the Earth turns and the sky drifts. Projected onto the giant steel structure the artist will create a generative audio-visual artwork and soundscape of live astrophysics data. For 2017, the first artist to be selected for COSMOS is the award winning Tokyo-based Media Artist, DJ and Programmer, Daito Manabe and Rhizomatiks Research.

Track our journey #COSMOS17.

COSMOS is a flagship international artists commission and residency for Lovell Telescope. Produced by Abandon Normal Devices, commissioned by Jodrell Bank Observatory, bluedot, SHIFT and Abandon Normal Devices. Supported by the University of Manchester, Great Britain Sasakawa Foundation, Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation, and with public funds from Arts Council England. LiDAR* scans of the Lovell Telescope used in the production of COSMOS are provided by Arup. *(Light Imaging, Detection, And Ranging)

Learn more about the COSMOS commission at the discussion panel.

Lovell Stage Friday 2017, Saturday 2017, Sunday 2017

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