David Trent

Hello my name is David.

Last time I played bluedot festival I was down to do an hour.

The bands that I would go and see if I was coming to this festival as a punter would be Kate Tempest. I would stay for her whole set. I would also go and see The Go! Team and maybe hang around for the whole thing but I doubt it, I would go and see Hot Chip to see if they did that song about the monkey and his miniature cymbal that was the culture show theme music and out at the pictures which I think is a total banger. I would also see New Order for a bit and then get depressed that I never saw them when they released Low Life which is the album I learnt to play bass guitar with.

If you’re here, there a very high percentage chance that you will love what I do and you won’t regret spending twenty minutes in my compny (listening to me talking at you from a stage, not having a grand bouffe sausage with me).

I’m done.

Private: Contact Saturday 2019

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