Dawn Scarfe, ‘Bee Strings’ // Audible Silence Series

This talk is part of Bluedot’s Audible Silence series, a programme exploring creative uses of the Earth’s natural sounds with talks by a variety of contemporary artists.

Taking inspiration from Robert Hooke’s Micrographia (1665) sound artist Dawn Scarfe will explore how the vibrations of violin strings relate to the movements of insect wings. Dawn is an artist based in London working with field recording, sound installation and performance. Her work explores things that seem to sound themselves such as resonating glasses, aeolian wires and self-opening swell boxes.

Dawn has collaborated with Ryoko Akama, Jem Finer, Jiyeon Kim and Volkhardt Müller. She works with soundCamp to organise Reveil: an annual crowd sourced live broadcast which tracks the sound of the sunrise around the world for 24hrs. Her work has been aired on BBC Radio 3 and Resonance FM. She has exhibited at ZKM Karlsruhe, Q02 Brussels and New Mart, Seoul. Residencies include Sound and Music’s Embedded programme with Forestry Commission England, MoKS Centre for Art and Social Practice, Estonia, TOPOS Exeter and Octopus Collective with Cumbria Wildlife Trust at South Walney, Cumbria. Commissions include Organ Reframed, Union Chapel, Continuous Drift, Dublin and Tonspur MuseumsQuartier Vienna. 


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