DJ Yoda goes to the Sci Fi movies

DJ Yoda is a hip-hop DJ and producer like no other. Respected globally for his turntablism, he performed at Banksy’s Dismaland, and was first choice guest mixer on Dr Dre’s inaugural Beats 1 show.

Bringing a speacial mashup for bluedot DY Yoda goes to the Sci Fi movies see’s Yoda cut and paste his way through the visual and audio samples of some of the best known and most out there Science fiction. 

An audio-visual pioneer, chopping and splicing movies with the same style that he repurposes samples, his acclaimed commissions for the BFI and 6 Music have been boundary pushing.

His recent Breakfast of Champions album and band payed homage to hip-hop’s golden age, playing to sell-out crowds throughout the UK. And with new studio and audio-visual projects, and his all-embracing DJ sets, things couldn’t be going better for DJ Yoda.

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