Justin Quinnells ‘Eyescuras’ give the wearer the opportunity of seeing a world without a brain. When newly born we see the world upside down and back to front, only after a few weeks do our brains turn the world the ‘correct way’ even though the lens in the eye still projects an inverted world.

The Eyescuras enable us to experience the primordial image of reality. Actual rather than virtual.

Added to this if you wear the obscuras for a whole day, eventually you will get used to it. Take it off, and even when not wearing the eyescura the world will appear upside down and back to front (at least for a few seconds).

In a world of electronically screened imagery to see a real live projection hits the viewer with a combination of confusion and wonder.

Add to the mix the challenge of having a game of football whilst appearing being viewed on a ‘Live TV’ (Obscura) and you have an unforgettable and unmissable experience.

The Eyescuras have been used around the world to teach optical science and the history of optical experimentation. They are having their first outing at bluedot festival where they threaten to turn the known universe upside down!

For more information see Justin Quinnells website: www.pinholephotography.org

The Outer Space Friday 2019, Saturday 2019, Sunday 2019

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