Girl Sweat

Girl Sweat (fronted by the great northern beast of noise known as ‘Sweat’) has been pushing the limits of the garage-rock’n’roll-noise party throughout the U.K via his live masses since 2013. After gaining increasing momentum, hysteria reached fever pitch with the long anticipated release of Girl Sweat’s 2016 LP ‘Bad Happenings’ sending legions of fans to amass onto Girl Sweat’s headquarters somewhere in the wilds of West Yorkshire.

Taking these lambs into his arms, the cosmos sent him a message; he knew what need to be done. After a short ceremony of blood, fire and poisons, the followers were baptised into his new movement, proving their dedication to taking his teachings into their hearts and Sweat in their souls. He was to be the conduit to guide the lost through the darkness into bliss via the power of noise, drone, groove and partying. Transcending the audience into the liminal world of unparalleled joy through a cataclysmic, krautedelic onslaught with The Pleasure Temple Ritual Band. A rotating door of members means live rituals can include up to 10 people, feaurting tribal percussion, unyeilding guitar attacks, a cocophany of synth and sax and howling vocals.

Come to Temple, witness the beauty and get down.

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