Coalescence Collective emerged 10 years ago although co-founders Phil and Jacquie had been creating works from scrap materials and building theatre sets for 40 years before transferring their skills to UK festivals in 2008. Winning the 2015 AIF ‘Most Unique Festival Arena’ for their extensive work curating the truly unique ‘Hidden Hedge’, which was described as a fully integrated piece of ‘living’ art.

They will be bringing three works:

A giant illuminated green and purple Helicopter Bug on gold legs with wings. Built from an old crashed Robinson helicopter and numerous other items.

Two illuminated Crashed Spaceships built from reverse Fokker jet thrusters, with illuminated parachutes.

Embracing the element of FIRE with two Jet Burners, two metal fire sculptures, with ornate detailing, which draw incredible two metre flames up through the installation.

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