Hello Moon Can You Hear Me?

A unique audio-visual exploration of the Universe featuring signals from spacecraft at the dawn of the space age, the death throes of an exploding star and the sounds which flooded through the Universe after the Big Bang.

Music producers Jim Spencer and David Tolan have worked with astrophysicist Tim O’Brien to remix sounds from space creating a unique record released on the O Genesis label. The title “Hello Moon” echoes the recording of a voice bounced off the Moon made more than 50 years ago right here at Jodrell Bank.

At bluedot, Tim will talk about the raw materials for the track – the sounds from space – where they come from and how they were recorded, and Jim and Dave will discuss how they used them to create a music track. The track itself will be played out accompanied by bespoke visuals produced by Dan Tombs.

Tim O’Brien is a Professor of Astrophysics at Jodrell Bank who works mostly on exploding stars.

Jim Spencer is a music producer, engineer and mixer working with New Order, The Charlatans, Johnny Marr and more.

David Tolan is a music producer, recording engineer & session musician working with The Charlatans. Tori Amos, Johnny Marr, Denise Johnson and more.

Dan Tombs is a live music video producer and has collaborated with Jon Hopkins, East India Youth, Blanck Mass, Factory Floor, The Charlatans and more.

O Genesis Records – http://www.ogenesisrecordings.com/ @ogenesisrecords

Moon image – Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (NASA/GSFC/Arizona State University)

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