Hilary O’Shaughnessy

Hilary O’Shaughnessy is the Lead Producer for Playable City, based at the Pervasive Media Studio at Watershed in Bristol. Through interaction and creative installations Playable City unlocks a social dialogue, bringing citizens into city development conversations. Hilary leads on the Playable City Award, an annual international commission and designs and manages the international network active across five continents in cities as diverse as Recife, Bristol, Lagos, Nigeria and Tokyo, Japan – in each place it has created a connected innovative community of interest exploring their own city’s issues and opportunities. Her background spans theatre, game and interaction design both as an artist and producer. Hilary also led on Being There, a three-year EPSRC funded project, which brought creative practitioners, technologists and academics together to explore how cutting-edge robotics can enable people to participate in public spaces, as a place to meet and share ideas.


Talk: The Future Now: Rebuilding: Future Cities  

Private: Contact Saturday 2018

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