Is David Bowie A God?

George Hoyle is a musician, folklorist, storyteller, wizard & diehard David Bowie fan.
George has played bass guitar with indie bands & cosmic house collectives, written a song which was number 1 in Italy & currently has a prog-folk band by the name of Cunning Folk. George’s music has been described as “beautifully-rendered pastoral and Pagan acoustic folk-pop.” which is accurate.
George runs the South East London Folklore Society, a monthly pub meeting which has talks on subjects ranging from lost rivers to UFO abductions to Elizabethan magicians. So basically anything.
George is a professional storyteller who has told stories at Literary Festivals, the London Eye, St Pauls Cathedral & the Royal Albert Hall.
George Hoyle thinks he is a wizard.
George Hoyle is obsessed with David Bowie & believes we all should be

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