Jens Chluba: Finding the Big Bang with the Cosmic Microwave Background

Dr. Jens Chluba is a Royal Society University Research Fellow at the University of Manchester working at the Jodrell Bank Center for Astrophysics. His research focusses on the physics of the early Universe and the Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB). He leads a team of researchers funded through an ERC consolidator grant to work on defining future targets in CMB cosmology. In particular, he is involved in predictions of tiny signals from close to the Big Bang that may become observable with future satellite missions.

Talk: Finding the Big Bang with the Cosmic Microwave Background

In the past decades, Cosmology has been transformed to a precise scientific discipline with a wealth of data informing us about the large-scale properties of our Universe. The Big Bang is long part of the modern picture, however, how have we really reached to this conclusion? What are the open puzzles? Where are we moving from here and what can we expect in the decades to come? In this talk I will give a broad brush summary of important milestones in modern Cosmology focussing in particular on the role of the Cosmic Microwave Background in advancing our knowledge.

Dot Talks, Star Pavilion Friday 2019

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