22-25 July 2021 Jodrell Bank Observatory

Keith Grainge

Keith Grainge did his PhD at Cambridge studying clusters of galaxies and measuring the Hubble Constant, the rate of expansion of the Universe. Since then he has worked on the design, construction, commissioning and science results from two telescopes observing the Cosmic Microwave Background. The first of these, the Very Small Array was located on Tenerife and measured the curvature, matter density and age of the Universe. The second, the Arcminute Microkelvin Imager, performs a range of science including follow-up of transient phenomena, spinning dust observations and galaxy cluster imaging. Keith now leads one of the SKA Design Consortia, designing the Signal and Data Transport networks, which are the backbone of the telescope.

Talk: The Square Kilometre Array: The Future of Radio Astronomy


Sunday 2017