Lovell Telescope

For over 50 years the giant Lovell Telescope at Jodrell Bank has been a familiar feature of the Cheshire landscape and an internationally renowned landmark in the world of astronomy.

The Lovell Telescope was first used in 1957 to track the launch rocket of Sputnik 1 at the dawn of the space age. A Grade I listed building and the world’s third largest steerable telescope, it is internationally regarded as an icon of science and engineering. A continuing programme of upgrades means it is now more capable than ever and it plays an essential role in Jodrell Bank’s research, particularly on pulsars and as part of e-MERLIN.

The Lovell Telescope: Facts & Figures

Mass of the telescope: 3,200 tonnes
Mass of bowl: 1,500 tonnes
Diameter of bowl: 76.2 metres
Surface area of bowl: 5,270 square metres
Amount of paint for three coats: 5,300 litres
Maximum height above ground: 89.0 metres
Outer diameter of railway track: 107.5 metres

The Lovell Telescope has featured in popular culture form music videos to Dr Who episodes and is a treasure of the Cheshire countryside.

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