Lumen Studios

Lumen Studios will present a series of artist films in the planetarium at Blue Dot Festival. The films explore a broad range of themes including: space exploration, ocular perception, our comprehension of time and visual metaphors on micro and macro scales.

Lumen is an art collective, focused on themes of astronomy and light, regularly exhibiting in churches as well as galleries. Through art, exhibitions and seminars we aim to raise a dialogue about how humanity understands existence.

Confirmed exhibitors at this stage are: Hondartza Fraga, Claire Lymer and Rachel Dease, Lucent Matter: Kim Yip-Tong, Rose Leahy and Sylvana Lautier, Anna Dakin, Louise Beer and John Hooper, Rebecca Huxley and Tom Cowell, Sam Battle and Melanie King.

Lumen Studios will be screening at 16:00-18:00 on Friday, and 13:00-14:00 on Saturday and Sunday.

Friday 2017, Saturday 2017, Sunday 2017

Recommended Artists