Lunar Loops’ Live Moonbounce with Tim O’Brien & Illuminos

We’re excited to announce that this year we will be working with Jodrell Bank to do a live Moonbounce at the festival. We’ll be using the Dwingeloo Telescope in the Netherlands to send your voice message into space and bounce it off the Moon. We’ll then catch the echo after it returns from the Moon using the Mark II Telescope at Jodrell Bank before playing it back to our audience through the stage soundsystem.

We want your voice messages that celebrate this special anniversary – a short poem, your message to the moon, or your hopes for the future of space exploration! We’ll select the best to be part of our Moonbounce performance at bluedot.

The Moonbounce delay means it’s best to speak slowly and clearly, and try to keep your message to under 20 seconds.

Call the direct line to the surface of the Moon now on 03333 449340.

Join us to hear selected messages from the Moonline bounced off the Moon on Saturday night at 2AM at the Big Bang Stage for Lunar Loops’ Live Moonbounce with Illuminos, where your Moonline audio will influence the visuals that are projected onto the Lovell Telescope.

Saturday 2019

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