Lunatics and Sunworshippers

Guerilla Archaeology encourages you to ‘down and dirty’ with the past – come on over to ours – and follow in the footsteps of our ancestors as ‘Lunatics or Sun Worshippers’ to discover the science of ancient astronomy from stargazing to sun crystals to stone circles. From astrology to solar deities to werewolves, the skies hold a sway over our nights, our days and our lives. The celestial world has formed a central part of the British societies from the earliest times and we explore our ancient obsession with the stars and the planets. Discover how celestial bodies and movement have defined our days, our seasons and our beliefs, shaped our homes and the burial of our dead, steered our journeys and created myths from the earliest times onwards.

Guerilla Archaeology are an outreach collective made up of artists, scientists and archaeologists. We bring a series of interactive workshop events to festivals to allow people to get down and dirty with the past. This years theme is Sunworshippers and Lunatiks and focuses on our enduring obsession with the sun, moon and stars. We will feature short talks by Dr William Prices – historically famous welsh druid and invite the public to examine their own relationship to the celestial world, are you ‘Sunwise or a Lunatick’, help to stitch SewnHenge, explore ancient constellations and create new ones, make your own copy of the Bronze Age solar calendar ‘Sunhat’.

Private: Family Fun Friday 2017, Saturday 2017, Sunday 2017

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