Mano McLaughlin

Mano McLaughlin has written and played music all his life. Playing in many bands over the years, funded, or not, by deals with Chrysalis Records, BMG Publishing and others. Distilled Records approached Mano in early 2013 and asked for 10 songs, stripped back, simple, the songs laid bare along with his heart and soul. He delivered 30 with a note that read ‘pick 10’.

Peach Got Bones, his debut solo album, was released the same year to critical acclaim that also Mano become ‘Featured Artist Of The Week’ on Guy Garvey’s BBC6 Music radio show. Mano gigged extensively to promote the album taking in England, Scotland, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland and France. He is currently recording his second solo album with his new band for release later this year.

Mano has a witty, easy natural style of writing, as likely to make you laugh as it is to cry. It doesn’t come more authentic than Mano McLaughlin, his songs are sad but dryly funny, the English pop sensibility of Ray Davies meets the introspective folk of Elliott Smith. Mano McLaughlin is so unassuming in both his playing and production that you can’t help but love what you hear. His imagery is simple but unexpected, and delivered with irresistible musical phrasing. An effortless knack for words and tunes; what more can you ask for?’ Guy Garvey on Mano’s performance at his Meltdown Festival at The Royal Festival Hall 2016.

Roots 2016

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