Mapping: Culture and GIScience: #Huckathon: Map Uganda

Our project is focused upon delivering prosthetic limbs and orthopaedic care to approximately 30,000 people who suffered limb loss during the prolonged conflict that took place in Northern Uganda between 1986-2006. This region is impoverished with few known resources and a very limited infrastructure. There is very little medical provision in the region, which far beyond the reach of the majority of the population.

Accordingly, we have designed our project to be focused around outreach clinics, using specially modified off-road vehicles to access communities. The greatest challenge to the delivery of any humanitarian aid in this region, however, is the lack of any detailed maps, which makes it impossible to determine where those in need are and how we can get to them. We are addressing this by making new maps of the region, which are drawn by volunteers based upon satellite imagery.

At our stand, you can draw data onto the map of Uganda (no experience required – suitable for all ages), and in doing so put communities ‘on the map’ for the first time, meaning that we can access them with much needed healthcare services. You can also learn how your data is also used to train our cutting edge machine learning algorithms, so that we can use computers to find and map more communities than ever before.

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