Martin Mayfield

Professor Martin Mayfield is a Chartered Engineer and a member of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers.
Martin is passionate about the role of Engineering in Society.  Engineers work at the nexus of human and natural systems holding a crucial responsibility to create solutions and develop our infrastructure in a manner that allows humanity to thrive within the carrying capacity of the planet. He is fascinated by the opportunities presented by Complexity Science to improve the resilience and performance of complex adaptive systems such as future energy systems, cities and our national infrastructure. His expertise spans a diverse array of systems engineering, sustainable design, climate change mitigation and adaptation, mission critical systems, city systems and mapping infrastructure interdependencies. This has included system of systems resilience studies for a range of organisations including cities and banks. He has designed a wide range of resilient energy and infrastructure systems such as stadia, data centres and city quarters.

Talk: The Future Now: Rebuilding: Future Cities

Private: Contact Saturday 2018

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