New Scientist Presents: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Zap My Brain

Speaker: Sally Adee, Technology Editor and Reporter

Sally once reported on a story about a US military program that used electrical brain stimulation to accelerate sniper learning. She experienced the treatment for herself while engaged in a military training simulation. “What I experienced was so effective that I have been following the research on this controversial topic ever since,” says Sally. In this talk, Sally takes us through the history and future of electrical brain stimulation and separates facts from hype.

Sally Adee is an editor and reporter with New Scientist. She has a master’s degree from Johns Hopkins University’s science writing programme. After working at IEEE Spectrum in New York City, she moved to London and New Scientist where she writes and edits stories about the architectures that shape our identities and the subtle ways machines can mess with our minds. She is also a contributor at the science blog the Last Word on Nothing.

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