New Scientist Presents: More Human Than You

Speaker: Frank Swain, Communities Editor, New Scientist: More human than you

What if you didn’t have to die? Or get old? What if you could keep getting stronger and smarter every year? Or have children at any age, without a biological partner? Or never get sick again? Frank Swain explores how technology will overcome seemingly inviolable biological laws, challenging our very idea of what it means to be human. Discover the progress being made today to allow us to live longer, healthier lives, and how research like this may usher in a post-human future.

Frank Swain is Communities Editor at New Scientist, with a strong interest in prosthetics and human augmentation. He has been going deaf since his mid-twenties, and relies on assistive technology to hear and understand people. He hit the headlines in 2014 when, with the help of sound artist Daniel Jones, he hacked his hearing aids to gain the ability to hear Wi-Fi signals.

Star Pavilion Saturday 2017

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