Oh My God! It’s The Church

The Lord works in mysterious ways. Or so the saying goes, but there is nothing mysterious about the rise of the fabulously original entertainment phenomenon that is – Oh My God! It’s The Church. Quite simply they have had a monumental few years traversing the globe conducting their all singing, all dancing, party church service to hundreds of thousands of gleeful sinners.

In a world which increasingly feels like it’s falling apart and rife with division, Oh My God! It’s The Church are the medicine your soul has been craving. Fronted by insane Pastor The Right Reverend Michael Alabama Jackson he and his wild collective combine to create a fresh live act which has taken the UK by storm, and is fast becoming the hottest ticket in town whether gracing the Main Stages at major music festivals, hosting one of their infamous underground club nights or thrilling revellers at the most exclusive parties on the planet.

Prepare for the incomprehensible and get ready to fall in love. Welcome to a new musical religion for the 21st Century, one which brings the masses together, and baptises them in Absinthe.

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