Professor Danielle George

Professor Danielle George is Vice Dean for Teaching and Learning in the Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences, and a Professor of Radio Frequency Engineering at the University of Manchester. She completed her BSc in Astrophysics, MSc in Radio Astronomy at The Victoria University of Manchester, and her PhD in Electrical and Electronic Engineering with UMIST.

She worked at Jodrell Bank Observatory as a Radio Frequency Engineer until 2006 when she took up a lectureship post in the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering. Danielle’s research is in Engineering the Tools for Scientific Discovery which is one of the 14 World Engineering Grand Challenges of the 21st Century. She is involved in the $1B astronomical instrument, the Square Kilometer Array (SKA), is the UK lead for amplifiers for the $1B Atacama Large Millimeter Array (ALMA). She has worked with agriculturists on the development of instrumentation to measure water usage and with a number of multi-national companies such as Rolls Royce where she worked on industrial gas turbine engines. In 2014 she delivered the Royal Institution Christmas Lectures

Having become only the sixth woman in 189 years to present the Royal Institute Christmas Lectures, Danielle will be talking about the ALMA array of telescopes high in the Attacama desert and how they will help us see further into space than ever before.

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