Red Stars

In the future, we’re controlled by one all-powerful corporation called OneCor, who have made all non-sponsored music and creativity illegal. The Red Stars are a crew of time travelling, party-starting, sonic renegades – and the resistance to this regime. Using art as their weapon, they’re on a mission to recruit a collective voice of open minded, alternative thinkers… and change the future for better.

OneCor communications have been intercepted, suggesting bluedot festival could fall into The Corporation’s hands. The Red Stars will be travelling back in time, armed with their Mobile Sound System. Operations will include roaming patrols to detect Corporation activity, spontaneous Micro-Raves and the recruitment of like-minded misfits, punks and rebels to join their movement. Stay free. Burn bright. The Red Stars are coming…

The Outer Space Friday 2019, Saturday 2019, Sunday 2019, Friday 2018, Saturday 2018, Sunday 2018

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