Science (ish)

Just like you. Dr Michael Brooks and Rick Edwards have watched movies and have been sucked into those fictional worlds. Unlike you, they’ve written an amusing book exploring and unpicking these much-loved stories, revealing the science within. They’ve chatted top some of the most respected names in science to get to the bottom of these alternate realities.

Can we resurrect dinosaurs, Jurassic Park-style? Are we living in The Matrix’s digital simulation? Do aliens with acid blood exist somewhere in the universe? Will we ever go back and visit 1955? And just why were the original Planet of the Apes movies so terrible?

In their award-winning podcast Science(ish), Rick Edwards and Michael Brooks confront all the questions that your favourite movies provoke.

Drawing inspiration from a number of their own favourites, this discussion will examine why Hollywood’s take on technology should be praised for starting the scientific, moral and ethical conversations we all need to have.

Speakers: Michael Brooks and Rick Edwards

Private: Contact Friday 2018

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