Shevin Jacob: Infections gone Wild

Shevin Jacob: Infections gone Wild

Dr Shevin Jacob and Dr Tom Fletcher are Senior Clinical Lecturers at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine. Dr Jacob is a consultant physician in infectious diseases and has spent most of his time over the past 13 years living and working in Uganda where his major interest is improving our understanding of how best to manage patients who have sepsis (or severe life-threatening infection). Dr Fletcher is also a consultant infectious diseases physician with a specific interest in Crimean-Congo Haemorrhagic Fever (CCHF for short), a severe infection transmitted by ticks in Turkey and areas of the Middle East and Asia. Both Drs Jacob and Fletcher have worked together for the World Health Organization during outbreaks of very dangerous infections like Ebola throughout. 

Talk: Infections gone wild: How sepsis and Ebola teach us about the micro and macroscopic dangers of severe infections

In this talk, Dr Shevin Jacob and Dr Tom Fletcher will draw parallels between what happens when an infection spreads in the body during sepsis resulting in vital organ damage and what happens when an infection spreads in a community during an outbreak resulting in death and disruption of families and economic collapse. They will draw from their years of research on severe infections in patients from low- and middle-income countries and their experience working in outbreaks of dangerous infections like Ebola.

Friday 2019

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