Simon Buckley – Not Quite Light Photography

Simon is an artist currently based in Salford, and he has lived in and around Manchester for most of his life.

He is currently working on two major photographic projects, his personal work Not Quite Light, and “You Live With Us, We Live With You”, a year long commission for 5 Plus Architects which will be published as a book in September 2017.

Although much of his career has been involved with recording people, his interest now rests in architecture and the urban environment, and explores themes of heritage and regeneration, examining the transition of Manchester & Salford and as both cities embark upon ambitious change. Simon has a particular interest in what decisions we make for our towns and cities, and how the actions of planners and architects impact upon us all. Much of the work is done in the half light of dawn.

He recently won a City Life Award for his Not Quite Light event in 2016, and also regularly hosts a ‘salon’, Floor 15, in his Salford flat.

Simon’s work has been widely published with exhibitions in the UK, France, Germany, Hong Kong and China. More recently, Simon’s Not Quite Light exhibition was named as Best Exhibition in the CityLife Awards 2016.

Join Simon for a 90 minute workshop session in which he’ll teach budding photographers the techniques of taking low light images, followed by an evening walk-around at 11:15pm to pop the techniques into action. A follow-up session on the Sunday will also take place which looks at the images taken and feedback will be provided.


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