Soapbox Science

Are you curious about clouds? Feeling mystified about uranium? Want to find out how art and science can work together? Or simply want to know what makes scientists tick? Top women scientists will be taking to their soapboxes alongside artists to share their passion for science and answer some of its most mysterious questions. They have been working together to explore a range of scientific topics in exciting new ways, from sculpture about ice crystals to performance about medicine. Join us for an afternoon or fun, informal and hands on science!

Soapbox Science is grass-roots science outreach organisation that brings cutting edge research to the public whilst also promoting the visibility of women in science. We place inspirational speakers on soapboxes and encourage them to engage in and start conversations with passers-by about their work.

Find Soapbox Science outside Mission Control on Saturday from 14:30 – 17:30

Scientists include: 

Arantza Pardo Barbeito, Sheffield Hallam University & Victoria Stafford University of Manchester.
Alice Thickett & Anthea Cree, The Christie NHS Foundation Trust.
Xiaoyu Xiong, Manchester School of Art & Dr Ana Payo Payo, Aberdeen University.
Kirsteen Aubrey, Manchester School of Art & Emilia Sephton, University of Manchester.
Annie Carpenter, Luke Moore & Dr Helen Jermak, Liverpool John Moores University.
Saoirse Higgins, Glasgow School of Art & Dr Claire Burke, Liverpool John Moores University.
Michelle Harrison & Lucy McAreavey, University of Liverpool.
Dani Rabaiotti, Zoological Society of London.
Fiona Sach, Univeristy of Nottingham / British Geological Survey / Zoological Society of London.
Rachel Beattie, Careaux.
Dr Rebecca Dewey, University of Nottingham.
Jill Mueller, Central St Martins, University of the Arts London, & Bella Boulderstone, University of Southampton.

Mission Control Friday 2018, Saturday 2018, Sunday 2018

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