Steve Cross ‘Science Show Off’

Dr Steve Cross is Head of Public Engagement at University College London and, in 2009 founded Bright Club. He is a past winner of the Joshua Phillips Award for Innovation in Science Engagement. He is also the founder of Science Showoff.

Once upon a time he was a spectacularly poor lab assistant, then an ok science communicator and for a while a museum and art curator. These days he’s a geek comedian, presenter and producer and has performed at the nerdiest of places like the Science Museum,

Tired of science shows that are just men explaining things? Science Showoff is the chaotic science comedy cabaret that’s been popping up across the UK for the past seven years, where rules go out the window and rationalism takes a rest.

Join comedian Steve Cross and a strong hand of specially-selected science entertainers for a show so hilarious that you’ll probably need to go and see some folk music afterwards to cool down. There will probably be swearing and some insulting things said about Charles Darwin.

Private: Contact Saturday 2017, Sunday 2017

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