Steve Cross – Science Showcase

”Responsible for hundreds of scientists becoming stand-up comics” – The Independent

Science Showcase with Special Guest

Steve Cross is unique among science comedians in the UK in that he knows no science at all. 

Tired of science shows that are just men explaining things? Science Showoff is the chaotic science comedy cabaret that’s been popping up across the UK for the past six years, where rules go out the window and rationalism takes a rest.

Join comedian Steve Cross and a strong hand of specially-selected science entertainers for a show so hilarious that you’ll probably need to go and see some folk music afterwards to cool down. There will probably be swearing and some insulting things said about Charles Darwin.

In his second show, ‘Science Ruined My Life’, Steve will also be trying to make sense of why people keep booking him for science events in his second show, sending him their science homework questions and letting him loose inside their universities, museums and zoos. Contains swearing, rude ideas, angry tweets by teenagers and lots of science. Much to my chagrin.

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