Take a Bite Out of Climate Change

Over 20% of greenhouse gas emissions come from food, but not all food is created equal. Come test your knowledge of which foods have the highest greenhouse gas emissions, and learn how to make small but impactful changes to your diet without giving up the foods you love. Talk with experts on the stand about how technology is helping to lower emissions from food and share your ideas about how governments can help. 

Get hands-on by filling a shopping basket with pretend food items and see how their carbon footprints stack up.Annoy your smug friends with facts about vegan, organic, local, or non-plastic packaged foods that cause more climate change than their “less green” counterparts!Taste some potential “foods of the future” by crunching on a cricket or knocking back some nutritionally complete smoothie. Update the live webtool with your food decisions and see this added to the festival-wide grand total of greenhouse gas emissions from food consumed during Bluedot!

Big Bang Stage, Private: Family Fun Friday 2018, Saturday 2018, Sunday 2018

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